Bastar DM’s Integrity In Question Because He Wore Sunglasses?

Dress Code Violation? PM Narendra Modi & CM Raman Singh meet Bastar DM, Amit Kataria

Do you mind a well turned out bureaucrat or do the fawn suit/bandhgala clad, ugly paunch types give you the comfort that your country is in good hands?

Dress Code Violation? PM Narendra Modi shakes hands with Bastar DM, Amit Kataria

To cut a long story short, the District Magistrate (DM) of Bastar, Amit Kataria has been served a notice by the state government because of what he wore when he met the Prime Minister earlier in May. In the notice,  Chhattisgarh government warns Kataria about not following protocol and not showing “integrity and devotion” towards duty. “The act (wearing sunglasses) is in violation of the Section 3 (1) of the All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968.”

Really? He wears sunglasses in peak summer and that puts a question mark on his “integrity and devotion” towards duty? You gotta be joking!

Notice to Bastar DM, Amit Kataria
Notice to Bastar DM, Amit Kataria

So The Times of India has reported the DM defending his choice of clothes in WhatsApp messages to IAS, IPS officers. It reported Kataria, saying, “Bastar is very hot in May with temperatures above 40. Wearing bandhgala for hours while looking after arrangements is not practical. I was dressed in complete formal dress, blue shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes (not t-shirt or chappals, and blue is a good colour in formal shirts)”.

You may still argue on the point that convention expects officers to be dressed in formals when receiving the Prime Minister, President or Vice-President and senior ministers. But can we not cut the guy some slack? He was working outdoors, looking into preparations for the PM’s visit to the Naxal district.

The state government should just let the poor guy focus on his work. And about the dress code – let the pictures do the talking!



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