Free The Nipple: A Film, A Movement, A Powerful Message

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Free The Nipple – is a film, is a movement, is a powerful message and is taking the internet by storm.

The message

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In an article published in Collective Evolution, writer Alanna Ketler asks pointedly, “Why exactly is it okay for men to have their nipples exposed, yet women – even those who are breastfeeding – are often scoffed at and looked down upon? Not to mention the fact that we are constantly exposed to extremely sexual, provocative advertisements of women, yet a nipple is not allowed to be shown on Instagram. Why are we keeping female nipples hidden, is there an agenda behind this?”

The Movement

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The campaign attempts to drive social change and gender equality. It supports feminine body equality and empowerment through social action while working to defeat female body oppression and archaic censorship laws. Actor Keira Knightley, superstar Madonna, singer Miley Cyrus and supermodel Cara Delevingne are some of the celebrities who support the movement.

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The film

#FreeTheNipple is a film directed and written by Lina Esco.  She aimed to create awareness of and protest the hypocritical laws governing “nudity in public.” Esco started the “Free the Nipple” campaign after she faced extreme hardship in trying to get a release for the film. It finally released on December 12, 2014.

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Based on a true story, “where a mass movement of topless women, backed by First Amendment lawyers, graffiti installations and national publicity stunts, invade New York City to protest censorship hypocrisies and promote gender equality legally and culturally in the US.”

Go Viral recommends the film because:

1) An internet only campaign and film on gender equality.

2) The message resonates globally: While based in the US, the issues raised by the movement find relevance across the world.

3) Gets our vote because of the fact that the filmmakers found it impossible to release the film and that itself reveals the hypocrisy of the system.


One thought on “Free The Nipple: A Film, A Movement, A Powerful Message

  1. Well reasoned.

    I support the campaign, but something in me fears that this is symbolic. Similar to what the bra-burning era symbolised.

    What I liked about the clip and movement was that it is launching an attack on the State and censorship. However, unfortunately such gestures are not translating into gender equality and left at being symbolic.

    If only walking nude would mean equality and end to violence against women- I would be the first to run on the road!


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