Fighting The Islamic State Peshmerga Style: The Road To Mosul

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A year after the Islamic State’s lightning conquest of Iraq’s second-largest city of Mosul, the poorly trained and equipped Kurdish peshmerga forces are the international coalition’s only reliable boots on the ground in northern Iraq says, VICE News in a new documentary film on the Islamic State’s conquests in Iraq and Syria.

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For one month, Aris Roussinos and Frederick Paxton of  VICE News were embedded with the peshmerga fighters as they “defend a 600-mile long frontline almost encircling Mosul, fending off constant Islamic State (IS) assaults with insufficient supplies of ammunition and modern weapons.”

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The documentary titled Peshmerga vs. the Islamic State: The Road to Mosul, ” is an insight into the coalition’s faltering war against IS through the eyes of the Kurdish volunteers bearing the brunt of the fighting.”

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Go Viral recommends this film because:

1) Top class production given the circumstances, use of real ambient sound and narration transports you to location.

2) Not much is known about the Kurdish peshmerga fighters and the film gives us a first person account of the lives they lead, their struggles, the loss of life and livelihood in the region.

3) VICE News has produced some of the best documentaries on the Islamic State for the internet. We also recommend VICE News documentary on IS called The Islamic State.


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