Cleopatra, The ‘Boss Bitch’ Of History

The world has known Cleopatra as the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.  As pharaoh, she consummated a liaison with Julius Caesar that solidified her grip on the throne, then moved on to Mark Anthony after Caesar’s death. And after Mark Antony committed suicide, she killed herself as was the custom!


Well yes, she was all that and so much more as we learn in Boss Bitches of History. It’s a new web series from Wisecrack, dedicated to celebrating emboldened women throughout the ages who bucked the system and boldly faced the sexist powers of their time, because “ancient world was a shitty place for women”!


The description doesn’t sound half as cool as the real show. The presenters sit and discuss Cleopatra’s life over a cup of tea, while you fall off your chair laughing as they tell her story! Sample this:

“She ruled Egypt with her douchey brother Ptolemy XIII, they were married, ew, which was the custom…” (Gross!)

“She bossed and tossed that Caesar salad”. (GIGGLE!)

“Caesar and Cleopatra were balls deep in love”. (LoL)

“When the new leader Mark Antony invited her to Rome, she moved on like a Kardashian”. (HAHAHAHA)

And this is just the first episode of the series!


Go Viral recommends you watch the series, because

1) It’s an edgy way to present history.

2) Scripting is brilliant and hilarious.

3) The choice of women featured is interesting.


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