The ‘Biggest Bang’ Theory

There are science videos and there ARE sciences videos… This one is insane!

Biggest BangsBiggest Bangs

Called ‘Biggest Bangs’, this series produced by BBC Brit asks viewers to mix chemicals to create the BIGGEST BANG. It’s “an interactive experience where you get to mix dangerous chemicals with EXPLOSIVE results behind the safety of your screen”, says BBC.

Biggest BangsBiggest Bangs

The main video presents eight chemical elements and you can click and select any two, for your bang!  Each pair then links to a separate video that shows us what happens when the two elements combine. Some are duds, and the others can produce bombastic reactions. This is then ranked by BBC from most explosive to least, until you find the BIGGEST BANG.

Biggest BangsBiggest Bangs

Go head… it is your chance at the Big Bang. What fun!

Go Viral likes this series because

1) Educative and interactive. Science videos can be complex, this one makes it easy to understand and fun.  It is science for all outside the lab.

2) Great use of YouTube tools to tell the story.

3) Who would not like to be the creator of the BIGGEST BANG! ;-).



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