Have You Taken Offence Today?

Earlier this month, Amazon India published an advertisement in national newspapers thanking the people of India for being great customers. The ad that said ‘Thank You’ in regional languages of the country, missed out Sindhi! WHAT A BLUNDER! The Sindhis took offence, how can Amazon India ignore the Sindhis of India in its thank you note? Not done at all!


Welcome to the ‘Outrage’ Republic of India. Taking offence is one of the top pastimes in the country (statisticians may take offence here)!

This new video by All India Bakchod is reporting on the surge of a new outfit that is threatening our national pastime and as a result terrorizing people into taking a ‘chill pill’. Not just that it is also impacting businesses of the tertiary industry supplying arsenal to the protest brigade!


Supported by much ‘hated’ stand up comedian- Russel Peters, ‘outrage’ man, musician and part time politician –Vishal Dadlani, ‘most offensive’ film maker of the country – Anurag Kashyap and ‘Mr Offence’ himself – Arnab Goswami… this film explores the rise of this dangerous ‘Chill’ wave that uses logic and reasoning – the biggest enemies of the ‘offence’ economy.

Go Viral likes the video because

1) Satire – uses humour and realism in equal measure.

2) Currency of subject and cast of actors.


2 thoughts on “Have You Taken Offence Today?

  1. Yes, it has become a national pastime but also think, what a waste of man hours, don’t Indians have anything better to do but rake up this kind of s*** just to have a minute’s so-called fame. The prize should go to Arnab Goswami. It’s impossible to watch any kind of Indian news channels unless you have very thick ear drums.


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