A Town Secretly Learns To Speak In Sign…

This is not just a brilliant idea but also brilliantly executed. It’s a film promoting a call center in Turkey for the hearing impaired, called “Hearing Hands”.

Hearing HandsHearing Hands

As reported by AdWeek, “Leo Burnett Instanbul and Samsung orchestrated a stunt to give a hearing-impaired man named Muharrem ‘one day, with no barriers’. They trained those involved in sign language and as Muharrem goes about his day he is surprised to find everyone conversing with him. Eventually he makes his way to a public square and things get emotional as the stunt is revealed.”

Hearing HandsHearing Hands

The film went viral when released in March and has to be among the better ads made this year!

Go Viral recommends you watch the ad :

1) Connects with the target audience and each and every one of us.

2) A well thought out social experiment film.

3) Proves yet again, viral is what viral does!


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