A Warm Invite And A Free Ticket To The Swiss Alps

This is interactive advertising at its best!


An old man sitting surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains and beautiful green meadows reaches out to people at Zürich Central Station via a live video chat. He invites them to visit him for an afternoon snack in his relaxed mountain village called Vrin and even prints out a free one day ticket for them. Some of them take him up on the offer, others are too busy but all of them are floored and taken in by the gesture!


While you are aware that the ones who take up the offer to travel to “Graubuenden – Switzerland’s No. 1 Holiday Destination”, could be actors because this is an advertising campaign but it really doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter because you have already added Graubuenden to your list of ‘places to visit’. The old man’s welcome has warmed the cockles of your heart!

The power of good story telling!


Go Viral likes the video because

1) Exceptional use of social experiment for an ad.

2) The campaign does not just offer a destination, the hospitality seduces you as well!

3) The storytelling is current – sells you a visit to the most beautiful ‘village’ in the Swiss Alps via a video chat, thus making it next gen!


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