Oh Man! You Murdered Mother Earth…


This animated short film called MAN created by artist Steve Cutts takes a grim view of the way our species wreaked havoc on nature. The story of the all-powerful “man” who literally destroys everything in his path or abuses it to his benefit. And in the end, this MAN, is destroyed by aliens. They squash him the same way he has stamped on and annihilated his “victims”.


On watching the film one realises that knowingly or unknowingly each and every one of us has been or is this MAN.


“At the very least, MAN will get many people thinking about how arrogant we are as a species. Yet…, MAN offers no solution to the mess we’ve created”, writes Robert Grillo, Editor FreeFromHarm in a piece critiquing Cutts’ documentary film.



GoViral likes the film because:

1)Animation and music used to tell a story

2)Is relatable: picks up issues of relevance – Deforestation, urbanisation, animal testing, global warming, Ewaste, indiscriminate hunting, radioactive waste and so on…


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