A Mess Called Syria… The Crisis, The Players And Its Victims

A Mess called Syria
“French warplanes pounded Islamic State positions in its Syrian stronghold Raqqa on Sunday”, reports Reuters. This comes two days after over 120 people were killed in coordinated attacks in Paris, the worst atrocity in France since World War Two.
The Syrian crisis/war (call it what you may) has become a niggling pain for the world.
A Mess called Syria
This five-minute film by Vox.com called “Syria’s war: Who is fighting and why” explains how the strategy of the so-called super powers to manage the mess in Syria has completely back fired.
A Mess called Syria
You should watch the video to understand how the Syrian civil war became the mess it is today….
GoViral recommends this video because:
1) Relevant in the wake of Paris attacks
2) Simple images, powerful storytelling


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