Ssshhhhh… Adele Is Karaoking…

While comedians in India are busy getting arrested for mimicry,  battling trolls and court cases, their counterparts in the West are allowed and continue to push boundaries on content, comedy and creativity. James Corden‘s latest episode of The Late Late Show featuring the world’s most popular singer Adele, is testimony to that fact.

As part of the Carpool Karaoke Series on the show, he not only gets this record breaking artist to belt out her most popular numbers, but they entertain us with their fantastic rendition of a hit Spice Girls song and some classic British humour.
If you thought songs on love lost and heartbreak are what brings out the best of Adele, you are in for a complete surprise as this versatile super artist presents a completely new avatar of herself.
Witty, real and fun, this video is a complete treat!
GoViral loves this video because:
1) Adele Unplugged!
2) Adele Unplugged on Adele Songs!!
3) Adele sings Spice Girls tunes and Nicki Minaj’s “Monster”…
need more reasons…?
Adele’s Carpool Karaoke: WATCH HERE

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