Azaadi… Yeh Ladai… Protest Rap, JNU Style

If you have been reading the newspapers or watching news channels or checking your social media pages in the last ten days, you are likely to know about the story that’s making headlines –  the row at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and it’s fallout. But in case you’ve spent the last week on Mars (growing potatoes or something!) you can update yourself here… and also watch this

But this post is not to enlighten you about the JNU row, it is about two music tracks that have captured the protests by students and converted them into rap songs. These tracks are the mass culture-fication of student protests…

Student Protests | Courtesy:

According to, “The video … by Chandigarh based artist Dub Sharma is an electronic track mixed with excerpts from JNU Student Union president Kanhaiya Kumar’s speech a day before his arrest. As the song reminds us, what Kumar demands “azadi” from are “poverty”, “Sanghvad” “feudalism”, “capitalism”, “Brahmanism” and “Manuvad.” The upbeat tempo kicks in at the end of Kumar’s rousing sloganeering.”

The other track callled “Yeh ladai” by electronic music producer and composer Akshay Johar aka MojoJojo features Umar Khalid’s speech to his fellow students on his return to the campus after nearly a fortnight.

Umar Khalid (L) and Kanhaiya Kumar

In an interview to IANS, MojoJojo, says he was inspired to create the track, titled “Yeh ladai”, after hearing Khalid’s emotional speech. “He talks about how he was subjected to a public trial by the (electronic) media, where fictitious ‘facts’ about him were created for the sake of TRPs, how because of his religion he was branded a terrorist, how there was a witch hunt for him and his family, among other things,”.

Both Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid are in Delhi Police custody and are facing charges of sedition.




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