Hey Mr Penis, “If It’s Not Yes, It’s No”

“Consent Is Simple” is a campaign that wants to increase awareness around non-consensual sexual activity or RAPE.

The campaign created by Project Consent, a non-profit, that “aims to combat and deconstruct rape culture”, uses genitalia to prove that there is no confusion around the concept of sexual consent.  So if she is dancing with you or laughing with you, it’s not a sign that you have consent for sex. And just because you can whistle like a dude, don’t get ideas!

The videos have been created by Juniper Park\TBWA. In an interview to FastCompany, Juniper Park’s chief creative officer Terry Drummond says,  “as we did our research we discovered that the issue is always treated as a complicated one. But it is actually very simple. If it’s not yes, it’s no.” And the characters as genitalia, “came from seeing that the conversation around consent is often clouded by analogies. The goal was to keep it as simple as possible”. And “watchable”.

As Kate Harding, author of Asking for It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture — and What We Can Do About It, wrote in Dame Magazine, “Basically, if at any point, you’re not completely sure your partner is into what you’re doing, you need to stop doing it.”

Get it?





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