Here’s Some Brilliant Stock Market Advise From A Sex Worker…

India Tomorrow, is a short film by Imtiaz Ali about a sex worker (and her client).

Simple, right? Not really! It is difficult to categorise this film – is it about the stock markets, is about the power of education, or feminism or about prostitution? Or the girl child?.  For the director Imtiaz Ali, “this is like a one-night stand”.

India Tomorrow

Produced by Window Seat Films, the project is “part of an initiative to build resonance around a message of positivity and progress for all. This short film explores an unpredictable theme of quasi-role reversal where a sex worker teaches a few stock market lessons to her stockbroker client. It’s core argument is that in #IndiaTomorrow, anyone can bring change and achieve success.”

India Tomorrow

The nonchalance displayed by the sex worker when giving astute financial advise to her client who has lost all his money in stocks is brilliant. She teaches him a thing or two so matter of fact that makes you go “wow”! And when like a typical MCP, he tries to patronize her, she just asks him to mind his own business and just “fuck off” because she has a “plan” and a “dream”.

India Tomorrow

She is the woman of today, do not judge her based on where you find her.


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