Dear Bhavana, You Are Over Reacting: An Open Letter To Outrage!

Dear Bhavana, is an open letter addressed to Bhavana (sentiment). Giving form to this Bhavana or “sentiment, mood, outrage”, the narrator asks her why she is offended at every imaginary slight these days?

Why is it that she conveniently tolerates those that kill in the name of beef, religion and nationalism etc. but is intolerant towards those who ask valid questions and take a stand on the real issues ailing the country? It seems that she is becoming more immature as she grows up.

Dear Bhavana...Dear Bhavana...

Brilliantly scripted the narrator asks the ” Bhavana” or outrage (in us) to focus on the ground realities like floods, rape, farmer suicides, drugs over non-existent issues.

Created by Kasbah Digital using crowdsourced video clips, the film has been crafted by writer Neeraj Pandey and voiced by Swanand Kirkire.



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