If You’re Donald Trump, It’s Never Too Late To Purify

The world is freaking out at the thought of Donald Trump becoming the next American president .

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Just this week, the Republican nominee publicly feuded with the Muslim parents of a fallen US soldier; later he asked why can’t America use nuclear weapons against outfits like ISIS, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?”.

Trump’s comments, not unusually sent shock waves across his party, country and the planet..

Tea for Trump

So how does one cleanse such a person? Green tea perhaps?
Indian tea company TE-A-ME took upon it self the task and sent 6,000 tea bags to Trump Tower to help Donald Trump “purify” himself, hoping it will help the man prepare for the job ahead.
Green tea is packed with purifying antioxidants that improve brain function and help you become smarter.
Tea for Trump

This audacious campaign by TE-A-ME is perfect for the audacious man who urgently needs some serious detoxification!

Well done TE-A-ME..  Mr. Donald Trump: Drink The Tea!


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