Modern Day Mahabharata: A Mean Mama And A Flirty Wife…

You remember Draupadi– The one who had to take all five Pandava brothers as husbands on the instruction of the mother in law in the Mahabharata? Well, she is back in a modern avatar in this film ‘Mama’s Boys’.

Written and directed by Akshat Verma, of Delhi Belly fame, this modern take on the saga weaves in LGBT and gender equality but does not give Draupadi a say in the matter of her marriage just like in the epic. Though to be fair Verma’s Draupadi hardly seems to be complaining!

Mama's BoysMama's Boys

Aditi Rao Hydari plays the flirty Draupadi while Neena Gupta is hilarious as the quintessential head of the household mom, to be found in the kitchen and ever ready to feed and disciple her boys. And the boys, well, they are just that – boys…

Mama's BoysMama's Boys

Watch it because like us, you couldn’t stop yourself from imagining, how it would be for Draupadi to be shared by five men but be prepared to be left asking for more as the film ends just when it is starting to get interesting…



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